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The men gather together once a month on a Saturday morning exclusively for prayer.

The men gather together once a month on a Tuesday night to decide on matters concerning building upkeep and fund distribution.

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Bible Study:
The ladies of the church gather bi-monthly and study a book of the bible together. Different women take leadership roles at each meeting.

Missionary Meeting:
The ladies meet together once a month to discuss ways of supporting various missionaries around the world and to read letters that have been recieved from those missionaries. Occasionally, a missionary will visit and speak at this function.

The ladies gather together once a month on a Saturday morning exclusively for the purpose of praying together.

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Sunday School

Ages 3-5:
A sunday school class is offered for the younger children and includes many craft projects along with an introduction to basic bible stories.

Ages 6-9:
A sunday school class is offered for elementary school aged children that includes a study of bible stories along with a variety of craft projects.

Ages 10-13:
A sunday school class is offered for middle school aged children that includes a more in-depth study of bible stories with less emphasis placed on artistic endeavors.

Ages 14-15:
A sunday school class is offered for children entering high school which is based on teaching basic bible doctrines in respect to the new testament church. An emphasis is placed on answering the question "Why am I attending this church?", "What is the basic function of the Church?", and "Why does this church do things the ways it does them?"

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Youth Group

Bible Study:
The youth group meets once a week seasonally and studies a book or relevant topic. The study time is followed by a time of games and fellowship. Occasionally, a guest speaker will be invited to speak.

The youth group is currently studying the book of 2 Timothy. Each section of 2 Timothy is covered in two weeks. The first week involves a fun, large group activity which illustrates the key concepts of that particular section. The intent is to gain a better surface understanding of the passage in a fun way. The second week involves breaking into smaller groups and delving into the passage in a deeper manner.

Using this method, the youth group hopes to not only gain a better understanding of 2 Timothy, but also gain the tools necessary to study and correctly interpret other passages of scripture.

Various events such as bowling, paintball, and baseball games are scheduled in addition to the weekly bible study.

Upcoming Events:

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Supported Ministries

Story Book Lodge
The purpose of Story Book Lodge is to maintain and operate a Christian camp for boys, girls, young people and adults for the purpose of teaching the Bible as the infallible Word of God; to lead them to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior, and to instruct them in the way of a Christian life.

Uplook Ministries
The purpose of Uplook Ministries is to provide accurate, useful, and Biblical material that helps to illuminate God's Word.

Gospel Folio Press
Gospel Folio
The mission of Gospel Folio Press is to gain and keep the trust of those seeking dependable Bible teaching presented in a fresh way, by providing one source for a wide variety of carefully selected, value priced, first-rate Christian resources, using effective and honorable means to lift up the Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

Christian Missions in Many Lands (CMML)
CMML is a nonprofit, faith based missionary service organization designed to serve missionaries commended by local churches.

AIDS and HIV positive victims are seeking persons who will accept them, support them and care for them. ACCEPT, in a small way, aims to answer that need.

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    Upcoming Events
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